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Physical therapy by a team of full-time physical therapists with over 10 years of experience. Our facilities have complete physical therapy tools and equipment.


The Senior takes care of the elderly, by a team of professional registered nurses and a team of skilled nursing assistants specialized in caring for the elderly.

Our facilities have a warm atmosphere. Every building is purpose built and renovated to help us provide the best quality of care to our elderly. The accommodation is clean regularly with laundry and meal service.

At The Senior we understand that each elderly has different needs.
Therefore we are able to create an individualized care plan for your loved ones.

Services at The Senior

Post Operative Rehabilitation 

Post Stroke Rehabilitation 

Comprehensive Dementia / Alzheimer‘s Care

Catheters and Respiratory Care

Palliative Care

Day Care

Out-patient Rehabilitation 


The Senior Nursing Home

Elderly care center Stroke care center patient rehabilitation center Bedridden patient care center Bedridden patient with bedsores Nursing homes provide professional care for the sick and elderly.
By a team of expert doctors and nurses with experience in caring for the elderly. And there is physical therapy service provided by a team of skilled and experienced physical therapists.

Room Rates 

inc. taking care of daily activities, basic physical therapy by care team, meals*, laundry

Hospital Rooms

33,000 - 60,000 Baht /Month

Nursing Home Rooms

26,000 - 35,000 Baht /Month

*specialized medical meals may have additional charges

Care and Rehabilitation Brain surgery patients after stroke

Rehabilitation care for "elderly people" after falls and broken hips

Rehabilitation program before and after knee surgery

Caring for cases of heart surgery and hemiplegia.